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Advisory Board

Rajkumar Jaiswal

Rajkumar Jaiswal

Financial Advisor

Rajkumar is focused & detail-oriented expert who watches the balance sheet like a hawk without losing sight of the strategic business objective.

Various businesses processes have gained momentum with Rajkumar’s proficient knowledge in the field of internal audits, corporate finances, accounting, project finances and much more.

Dushyant Purekare

Dushyant Purekar

Legal Advisor

Dushyant has been an instrumental in providing legal consultancy in industrious legal & financial gears.

Today, Dushyant is known for guiding various banks and financial institution, real estate companies, other corporates and individuals in drafting of deeds and documents.

Vinod Dhulap

Vinod Dhulap

HR Advisor

Academically, Vinod is a commerce graduate with post-graduation in Labour Laws and Labour Welfare, which enhanced his business acumen.

He specialized in HR, Legal and Labour Laws Compliance. He is serving multi-national companies, public sector undertakings, educational institutions, public/private companies.

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