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Email marketing has one of the highest return on investment of all online marketing channels. The Conversion Rate tells you how many people that clicked through your email went on to achieve a certain goal.

This doesn’t necessarily mean sales, it can refer to any action that is relevant for your business, such as a downloading a white paper or even booking a test drive.

By tracking this metric over time you can get a good idea of the type of content and creative that is most effective for your subscribers.

When we calculate conversion, we usually look at the number of completed actions (completed form or sale) divided by unique responders. We will also calculate the percentage of completed actions versus the total sent mail number.

It helps to look at both calculations so that you can see how many people showed interest and clicked but did not complete the action and how many received the mail and did not act.

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The Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, had announced on 8th Nov that all Rupee 500 & 1000 currency were stripped of their status.

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‘Demonetization’ so as to understand the impact on their finances, and also to learn from past history and its impact on economy.

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How to convert black Money into white money”, seemed to be trending on the search engines. Queries began surging soon after Prime Minister Narendra Modi.