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An indication of the pricing structure

Anyone could undertake a marketing audit, but misinterpreting the results can be dangerous. Most competent professional marketers can do a reasonable job at this, and internal professionals will provide you with an edge.

Unfortunately, you are just as likely to find prejudice negating the results of internal audits. At Digived, we not only offer our skills as experienced, qualified, professional marketers, but also our insight into business. With our track record of helping companies develop their marketing, we are well placed to provide you with an excellent service.

Project Overview

We charge Rs.2600 per hour and the breakdown below is an indication of the probable costs. Please note that this is a bespoke service, and the indication is precisely that:

  • Audit scope - Identifying your needs, the resources available and the size of the overall task. This is quoted separately, as this allows us to tailor the service to you needs and budgets. Estimated average involvement - approximately 2 hours
  • Marketing audit - Undertaking the audit itself, and assuming all the information is to hand. Estimated average involvement - approximately 16 hours
  • Audit evaluation - Taking the results of the audit and comparing them to relevant benchmarks and industry data. Estimated average involvement - approximately 6-8 hours
  • Report - We compile a report for you outlining all the findings, issues and recommendations, written in plain English, with easy to follow steps, quantified where applicable and possible. Estimated average involvement - approximately 7 hours
  • Presentation- We are often asked if we can leave this out of the overall package, but to ensure that you understand the report, and the issues and findings outlined in it, this is a vital part of the value of employing Digived to undertake the task. Estimated average involvement - approximately 2 hours
  • Implementation - If you require us to assist you to implement the findings. Estimated average involvement - approximately 26 hours

The average cost of an audit, based on the average timescales shown above (excluding implementation) is Rs.75000.

Payment breakdown

The project is broken into logical steps, which require part payment of the total project cost. These are broken down as follows:

  • Audit scope - 100% of the cost of this element required before undertaking the audit
  • Marketing audit- 40% of the overall project cost required on completion of this section
  • Audit evaluation - 40% of the overall project cost required on completion of this section
  • Report & Presentation - 20% of the overall project cost required on completion of this section
  • Implementation- Milestone payments totalling 100% of the implementation costs are required and will be agreed with the client prior to undertaking this section.

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