The Rise of the Modi Era in Digital World

Measure people’s attention, analyze their reactions & adapt with people’s changing interest.
  • PM Narendra Modi rules the digital medium.
  • How off-line world leaves its imprint in the digital world.
  • Know how the world identifies & responds to our strategic decisions

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The Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, had announced on 8th Nov that all Rupee 500 & 1000 currency were stripped of their status as a strike against ‘black money’. This step, according to the Prime Minister, was taken to combat black money, corruption and terror.

Let us understand how the historical announcement affected people’s curiosity prompting them to follow the bold & fearless Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


Trending Searches: Narendra Modi last 5 years

As per the above report, May 2014 hit the highest-point of searching the ‘Narendra Modi’ keyword. But this was an out-come of many important events that kept his identity in the news. DigiVed brings you step-by-step the phenomenal stages which sparked the world to search for ‘Narendra Modi’.

Rise of the National Icon

At a meeting of the party's national executive on 9th June, 2013, Narendra Modi was appointed Chairman of the BJP's central election campaign committee for the 2014 general elections. This was one of the most critical phases where ‘Narendra Modi’ caught the attention of the Indian masses. The search engine triggered a record growth by 400%. But this was just a beginning.


Trending Searches: Narendra Modi search results during 2013.

Just when Narendra Modi had picked up his role as Chairman on 14th September 2013, the BJP announced that the Chief Minister would be their candidate for the post of Prime Minister in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. The former tea-vendor created ripples in Indian Politics with the keyword ‘Narendra Modi’ receiving huge attention world-wide, recording an unbelievable growth by 1,000%.

Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

During the Indian General Elections of 2014, Modi's campaign blitz cost approximately INR 5000 crores ($830 million). In addition to more conventional campaign methods, such as rallies and the use of print media, Modi also made extensive use of social media, viz. Facebook, YouTube & Twitter.


Trending Searches: Search results during the Indian General Elections, 2014.

He addressed more than 1,000 rallies across the nation. Unlike any other politician in Indian history, ‘Narendra Modi’ was followed, liked & shared all over the world on the digital media. This increased Narendra Modi’s popularity to a remarkable figure of 1,400% as per the initial trends.

PM Narendra Modi tops the most searched politicians list in 2014

If compared to other political leaders in India, Narendra Modi has a bigger than life image on the internet. Here’s how digital media provides the key evidences. Let’s glance at them one by one.


Search Term : – Kejriwal – Rahul Gandhi – Narendra Modi

While Narendra Modi won the 2014 elections, the search engine scored as much as 4 times, when compared to other searched terms like Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi.

Once the results were declared on 16th May 2014, Narendra Modi was unanimously elected as the leader of the BJP Party. After his party's victory, he was appointed as the 15th Prime Minister of India. This broke all the records from the past. Narendra Modi ruled the planet with a rise of 3,000% as compared to his popularity 3 years ago.


Trending Searches: Narendra Modi elected as Prime Minister after the Indian General Elections, 2014

It’s a MODIfied World

Do you have any guesses as to how the digital world has its ears to every event? The national surgical strike after 8th Nov 2016 quickly ignited the search engine with the term ‘Narendra Modi’. The graph below shows the highest recorded searches in this year.


Trending Searches: Narendra Modi’s decision on the Surgical Strike against Black Money.

As per the report*, the Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi also became the subject of discussion by the end of last month. He came back to the limelight when he addressed the nation with his first speech after the surgical strike on black money from Japan on 12 Nov 2016.

The Power of the Digital World

Here the key idea is to measure people’s attention, analyze their reactions and adapt with people’s changing interest using accurate insights. And so, whether you’re a political leader, a celebrity, a brand owner or an entrepreneur; it’s essential for everyone to know how the world identifies & responds to them.

As the saying goes, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Our every strategic decision is our footprint that can be accurately monitored to calculate their results. Hence, whatever action we do in the off-line world leaves its imprint in the digital world.

Digital insights are not only important to understand one’s own reputation but it’s also important to review people’s interest.

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