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Paid Advertising and SEM Audit

Your Own Paid Advertising Performance with a Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Audit

Advertisements aid businesses to acquire customers inorganically at a faster rate. While that’s genuine, it’s easy to burn fund seven faster if there certainly is not a proper paid advertising audit in essence.

In online advertising, a major portion of every company’s advertising budget adopts Google AdWords. New, Innovative & creative ideas are required to keep costs reduced and to stay far away from costly bidding process wars with competitors.

A comprehensive, professional PPC campaign audits can reveal missed options and help you form a fantastic and complete strategy for more effective & successful paid advertising.

With over twenty years of experience under our belts, we’ve got the chops to diagnose potential problems, identify missed opportunities and misdirected resources, and prescribe a paid advertising strategy that will have you back in the pink.

When it comes to PPC, every click counts. Our goal is to help you formulate a keyword strategy that hits all the major marks with surgical precision. We use an extensive toolset to gain insight on competitor activity and uncover potential opportunities to explore for new campaigns. Once we've created a set of target keywords, we'll provide ongoing analysis covering:

  • Quality score optimization
  • Match type optimization
  • Potential duplicate keyword issues
  • Image and text content review
  • Detailed targeting data
  • Keyword selection
  • Remarketing and behavioural targeting opportunities

Creative Review

Is your paid advertising reinforcing your brand and speaking in the voice your audience wants to hear? Let our team guide you with improved messaging, dynamic keyword insertion, and on-brand campaign ads that are down right contagious.

Landing Page Review

As the first thing folks see after clicking on your ad, your landing pages have to be relevant, engaging, and designed to pull visitors further into your sales funnel. We review your landing page copy and design, and help you customize your pages for improved performance, better lead capturing, and more sophisticated error trapping.

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