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Digital Marketing Audit

The centre of gravity has migrated to digital mediums, but that doesn't mean marketing & advertisers are spending marketing budgets wisely. In today's cash-strapped world, an audit associated with digital marketing effectiveness may be fast track for uncovering ways to save budgets which are working, and where to increase budgets that could work significantly harder.


Benefits of a Marketing Audit

The purpose of an audit is to:

  • Determine what is currently being done
  • Evaluate what is being done (is it working, etc)
  • Recommend what should be done in the future

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Audit

Optimizing a website regarding search is an intricate, complex, and lengthy process. This will make any current efforts specifically difficult to audit. Evaluating just where your organization appears, SEO strategy appears and how certain factors that will affect search ranking might be enhanced & implemented.


Social Media Marketing Audit

While search may be the main & major way people hunt for certain information about products, currently social media makes up the main way that people derive an impression about a brand or perhaps organization. In addition, social media offers to play a role within how search engines rank effects.


PPC / SEM Audits

Your Own Paid Advertising Performance with a Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Audit Advertisements aid businesses to acquire customers inorganically at a faster rate. While that’s genuine, it’s easy to burn fund seven faster if there certainly is not a proper paid advertising audit in essence.


Website Audit

Doing a website audit is not a joke. It is a long and complex process that demands great patience and turns over hundreds of web pages.


Marketing Support Systems Audit

Marketing information systems

  • Is the marketing intelligence system producing accurate, sufficient and timely information about marketplace developments with respect to customers, prospects, distributors and dealers, competitors, suppliers and various publics?
  • Are company decision makers asking for enough marketing research, and are they using the results?
  • Is the company employing the best methods for market measurement and sales forecasting?

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