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Rajeev Pande

Rajeev Pande

He has been creative with visualization & content development for various mediums, from graphics to flicks.

The combination of intra-personal & interpersonal skills has shaped him into an able presenter, building a strong corporate brand for aligning customer centric culture, engaging a larger audience & ensuring brand re-call.

mahesh dabhekar

Mahesh Dabhekar

Mahesh has gained amazing skills from programming to database. He has developed and administered various projects successfully with advanced technology.

He has been a go-getter and a consistent performer. His work style demonstrates remarkable understanding of web usability, web accessibility standards, and design principles.

swapnil waikar

Swapnil Waikar

A quick learner & protagonist, brilliant, focused & have been multi-tasking. Swapnil has gained major responsibilities in just a span of 2 years. He has positively led various online advertisement tools to produce promising results.

His concepts and knowledge on online business tools have been outstanding in driving the organization's achievement. He is sharp, well organized & approachable.

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