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This represents the percentage of visitors who “convert” to leads by taking action on your offer. This usually means they have filled out a form you have posted on your landing page or otherwise provided you with some contact information in exchange for something of value from you. Use this metric along with the call to action (CTA) click-through rate (CTR) to help you improve landing page conversions.

If you have a high click through rate but a low landing page conversion rate, the landing page content may not be aligning with the call to action you created for this offer. It could be that your visitors are not finding what they expected and are leaving your site rather than filling out the form.

Another possibility is that the content offer is not as appealing to the visitor as it needs to be. In this case, test different content offers and track which offer generates the most conversions. Make changes and measure again. It may be something simple such as the title of the offer or the description of the offer that is letting you down. Test each of these in sequence in order to narrow down what needs your attention.

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Facebook's big change

How will you planning to produce ROI since you can't reach your target audience / people?

The Rise of the Modi Era in Digital World

The Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, had announced on 8th Nov that all Rupee 500 & 1000 currency were stripped of their status.

Impact of demonetization on the Indian Rupee

‘Demonetization’ so as to understand the impact on their finances, and also to learn from past history and its impact on economy.

How to Convert Black Money to White Money?

How to convert black Money into white money”, seemed to be trending on the search engines. Queries began surging soon after Prime Minister Narendra Modi.